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International Art Communication Platform 🌎

No cookies or tracing humans – login logout, no account go to WATAM Upload PAGE take a picture and share without log.

– The artwork work has the profile page ; that means that in some way the artwork work has extra know-how about themselves than the artist has) watam lets in the artwork work to categorical categorical through connecting spectator and artist.

WATAM facts of doing a very solo and challenging job. App asks for association, sharing ideas, concepts, perspectives,… asks to construct and strengthen collectively the future.

People who create People “culture” is used in this presentation

-> Theatre, artisans, musicians, sculptures in forest, poets in café,

Artist Members Page (here the artwork work, the time and vicinity of the gig, the surrounding of the graffiti, the chances of interplay with work, the utilization of the VR/AR… is the profile page; now not the artist!)

I introduce: what the artist achieves via the app usage: Get’s the music, artworks, theatre performs out of establishments and into the avenue

– into the actual world.

This digital media utilization can encourage in addition actual lifestyles principles be examined earlier than hand on a smaller and extra hybrid support.

Questions: - How need to remarks be organised ?

Randomly / by way of likes / by means of actual time (despite the geolocation) / one day late. Problems: Problems: Problems:


-> workshops or dates with to lend, maybe in digital ways in your surrounding 📍

-> opportunity to make art with anything in anywhere... a video games like conceal and are seeking or warm/cold to discover artwork works or clues. 📍

locations to your sing in… if you want to share 📍

-> NFT idea > Web3 > Metaverse Exhibitions (you need to be a watam member to see all link) > Virtual To Analog > to Virtual World

-> donation for artists: donate with cryptocurrency so that the artist can make extra from the donation.


What is Street Money ? A sustainable community-driven project to grow and creating more products from STREET.

A sustainable community-driven project to grow and creating more products from STREET.

STREET MONEY (#STREET) is a social cryptocurrency that generates profit. Members of the STREET MONEY ecosystem earn interest from network activity,

while benefiting the planet through our charitable partnerships.

STREET's Mission

STREET is a MEME + NFT + DeFi token with the purpose: Develop STREET products, develop sustainable pools and create more jobs for workers.

A portion of each transaction goes to STREET MONEY "STREET", which is used to fund STREET farm development initiatives and new products.

Our Value

- Together we go far ☮ 🚀

- Putting our community members first and making the world a better place.

- Totally Transparent

- Open and honest about our plans and activities

Getting started[edit | edit source]

modNews Logo
  • Marketing News

modNews is a platform that brings together a diverse range of topics and insights, providing its audience with a comprehensive overview of the most compelling developments across various sectors. It serves as a hub for the latest news and trends, keeping its users up-to-date with the rapidly evolving world.

Navigating through modNews, users can explore a wide array of categories, each dedicated to a specific sector. It's like having a world of knowledge at your fingertips, offering a unique blend of news, insights, and updates from different industries.

The Fashion section provides a glimpse into the latest trends, designer releases, and influential movements in the fashion industry. From haute couture to street style, modNews covers a broad spectrum of fashion news, making it a must-visit platform for fashion enthusiasts.

In the Technology section, users can stay informed about the latest technological advancements, gadget releases, and digital trends shaping the world. Whether it's a breakthrough in AI or the launch of a new smartphone, modNews ensures that its users are always at the forefront of technology news.

The Entertainment section brings the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, music, arts, and culture to the audience. It keeps users up-to-date with the latest celebrity news, movie releases, TV shows, music albums, and cultural events happening around the globe.

Finance is another key section on modNews. It serves as a reliable source for the latest financial news, market trends, investment strategies, and economic developments. It's a valuable resource for anyone interested in finance, whether they're industry professionals or casual readers looking to improve their financial literacy.

The Science section brings forth the latest scientific discoveries, research breakthroughs, and innovative advancements in various fields of science. It's a haven for science enthusiasts, educators, and students, providing them with the latest scientific knowledge and insights.

modNews, with its diverse range of news categories and a commitment to delivering up-to-date, relevant content, redefines the way users consume news. It's more than just a news platform; it's an expansive knowledge hub that connects its users with the ever-changing world around them.


modRec Logo
  • modRecords

modRecords is a dynamic and vibrant platform dedicated to the creation, promotion, and celebration of music and the arts. It is a home for creatives and a hub for inspiration, fostering a community where artists can thrive, create, and share their work.

On the modRecords website, visitors can explore the exciting world of music production and recording. The platform offers a range of resources and services, including a comprehensive studio dictionary, a reservations form for booking studio time, and more. This makes modRecords an essential tool for both established artists and those who are just beginning their creative journey.

The 'About' section provides a deep insight into the ethos of modRecords. It highlights the platform's commitment to fostering an inclusive, innovative, and nurturing environment for all artists. It also provides a detailed overview of the professional services and resources available to the community, demonstrating modRecords' commitment to supporting and promoting the creative work of its members.

The 'Studio Dictionary' section is a valuable resource for artists and music enthusiasts alike. It offers definitions and explanations of various terms and techniques used in the recording studio, serving as an educational tool for those keen on learning more about the intricacies of music production.

One of the key features of modRecords is the 'Reservation Form'. This allows artists to conveniently book studio time, providing them with a professional and equipped space to bring their creative visions to life. It simplifies the process of scheduling and accessing studio time, making it easier for artists to focus on what truly matters - their music.

In essence, modRecords is more than just a platform - it's a thriving, vibrant community of artists and creatives. It is committed to nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and promoting the love of music and the arts. Through its varied resources and supportive environment, modRecords is shaping the future of music production and recording.


modKitten Banner
  • modKitten NFTs

modKitten NFTs is an innovative digital art project that embraces the unique capabilities of blockchain technology. Originating from the creative minds at modAI, modKitten NFTs is an engaging collection of digital art pieces representing adorable kittens with distinct personalities and designs.

Located on the modKitten website, visitors can find an extensive gallery showcasing the diverse range of kitten-themed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each modKitten NFT is a unique digital collectible, with its own distinct aesthetic and characteristics, embodying the spirit of creativity and innovation that defines the modAI community.

These NFTs are not just digital art pieces but also represent ownership and proof of authenticity, thanks to the immutable nature of blockchain technology. Once a modKitten NFT is acquired, the owner has full control and can trade, sell, or keep the NFT as they please.

modKitten NFTs also extend their presence to the OpenSea platform, a decentralized marketplace for crypto assets. Here, enthusiasts can explore the modKitten collection, purchase pieces, and engage with other collectors in the NFT community. OpenSea provides an accessible and secure platform for the trading and collection of modKitten NFTs, further solidifying the project's standing in the digital art space.

In essence, modKitten NFTs represent the convergence of art, technology, and community. They are a testament to the limitless potential of creativity in the digital age and an exciting addition to the ever-expanding world of NFT art. By creating unique digital collectibles that can be owned, traded, and appreciated, modKitten NFTs is not only driving the NFT art movement forward but also providing a platform for artists and collectors to connect and engage in new and exciting ways.


Lotus Logo & Banner
  • Lotus Brokers

Lotus Broker is a versatile online platform designed to facilitate a broad range of transactions and exchanges. It functions as a dynamic marketplace where users can post trade positions, making it a valuable tool for those involved in the trading sphere. Yet, the app's utility extends beyond trading, encompassing various other sectors and services.

One of the unique features of Lotus Broker is its support for second-hand goods. Users can list and sell their pre-owned items, making it an effective platform for those looking to declutter or make some extra cash. It also presents a great opportunity for bargain hunters to find unique and valuable items at potentially reduced prices.

The platform also caters to the real estate market, where users can list properties for rent or sale. This feature makes Lotus Broker a convenient hub for property owners and prospective buyers or tenants, simplifying the process of property transactions.

In addition, Lotus Broker serves as a platform for service-based transactions. Whether you are a freelance artist, financial consultant, or educator, you can use the platform to offer your services to a wide audience. It offers a venue for showcasing your skills and connecting with potential clients.

Moreover, Lotus Broker fosters a community of discovery and learning. Users can explore new opportunities, learn from others, and grow their network within the platform's diverse and dynamic community. It is not just a trading and selling platform; it's a space for exploration, innovation, and growth.

By providing a comprehensive platform for various transactions and services, Lotus Broker transforms the way users interact with the online marketplace. It simplifies the process of buying, selling, and exchanging goods and services, making it a valuable tool in the digital age.


  • mApps (Creative Application)





Nodes of Connection

Nodes of Connection is an innovative initiative designed to cultivate a network of individuals, ideas, and innovations, creating a dynamic community focused on engagement, exploration, and growth. Inspired by the principles of modAI, Nodes of Connection operates on the premise that every individual, idea, and innovation can function as a node, a distinct point within a larger network, which can then connect with other nodes to create a more substantial, integrated whole.

The fundamental aim of Nodes of Connection is to nurture relationships and stimulate synergistic interactions. It's a platform where individuals can connect and collaborate, exchanging their unique perspectives and ideas, and jointly contributing towards broader goals. It provides the space for scientists to discuss pioneering research, artists to showcase their latest creations, or entrepreneurs to present innovative startup ideas.

In addition, Nodes of Connection is not merely about linking people; it's also about connecting ideas and innovations. The platform promotes the sharing and spread of ideas, creating an environment where innovation can flourish. By linking diverse fields of knowledge and innovation, from science and technology to art and culture, Nodes of Connection enables the cross-pollination of ideas and fosters a culture of continuous learning and discovery.

At present, Nodes of Connection offers an animation creation program available for download from the linked sites. This software allows users to create their own unique animations, providing yet another medium through which they can express their ideas and contribute to the diverse tapestry of the platform.

Ultimately, Nodes of Connection is more than just a platform; it's a vision of a world where every individual, idea, and innovation is appreciated and has the potential to contribute to the collective good. It epitomizes the power of connection, collaboration, and community in driving progress and innovation in our increasingly interconnected world.




modAI is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform providing a suite of solutions that leverages sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing technologies. It has been designed for a diverse range of applications, including chatbots, data analytics, customer service support, and more.

One of the key features of modAI is its chatbot capabilities. The chatbot employs a high-performing language model capable of understanding and generating human-like text, enabling natural and dynamic conversations. It's also designed to be customizable, catering to specific business needs.

A distinguishing aspect of modAI's chatbot is its unique command system. The command "mod:" allows for generation of images in the chat interface, adding a visual dimension to interactions. Similarly, the command "youtube:" enables the chatbot to search and display the most relevant results from YouTube videos within the chat screen. These features enhance user engagement and make interactions more interactive and engaging.

Additionally, modAI has seamless integration capabilities with Google services, which expands its utility and application. This connection with Google's vast range of tools and services empowers modAI to access a plethora of resources, thereby enhancing its value and versatility for both businesses and individual users.

modAI is continually evolving, with regular updates adding new commands and features to the platform. This ensures it remains at the forefront of AI technology, offering users a dynamic and versatile tool that adapts and grows with their needs.

When it comes to data analytics, modAI employs advanced machine learning algorithms to decipher complex patterns and trends within data. This provides businesses with deep insights, enabling more informed decision-making and effective strategizing.

The team behind modAI is composed of dedicated AI researchers and developers. Their commitment to innovation and advancement in the field of AI ensures that modAI is consistently delivering some of the most advanced and effective AI solutions available today.


Lifelong Learning at WATAM

The "w-EDU" education platform is an innovative platform that combines lifelong learning with the potential of cryptocurrency investments. This platform, offering a broad spectrum of courses, aims to assist your personal and professional growth while also providing an opportunity to explore the world of cryptocurrency through its association with STREET MONEY. The courses span creative arts, technology, business, and more, and you will receive a certificate upon completion​.

Some of the most popular courses on the site include "What is Cryptocurrency?" and "Sound Design"​

For instance, the "What is Cryptocurrency?" course is designed for anyone wishing to understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. The aim of the course is to provide students with a general understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In this process, students will learn the basics of cryptocurrency mining and investing in cryptocurrencies.

The course covers the basics of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining, applications of cryptocurrencies, and investing in cryptocurrencies. As a teaching method, the course will provide information to students through video and text content, and a quiz will be conducted at the end of the course to test what the students have understood.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Quiz

Kripto Para Nedir ? Quiz

Ses Sentezi Quiz

Ses Quiz 2

Each question has multiple-choice answers. Please read each question carefully and select the answer you believe to be the most accurate.

w-EDU courseworks are in Turkish now, and there's the potential for courses to be added in every language. The platform is designed with a multilingual interface that allows students to automatically view the courses in their own language. This feature enhances accessibility and understanding for a global audience, enabling students from different language backgrounds to participate and learn effectively.

Course materials consist of video lessons, text documents, and quizzes. The course will be managed by watam edu (admin) and, as technical resources, students will need a computer and internet connection to complete the course​.

To interact on this platform, you can select and enroll in a specific course, study the course materials, and you will be assessed with a quiz at the end. Additionally, you can buy and trade cryptocurrencies using the CoinBrain widgets on the platform​.

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