What is WATAM ?

Art Communication Platform 

Discover the World of WATAM: Unleashing the Power of Creativity

Creators of Culture: Our platform showcases a diverse range of artists, including theater performers, artisans, musicians, sculptors, and poets.

Expanding Artistic Reach: WATAM enables artists to bring their creations to the streets, allowing digital media to inspire real-life experiences and foster innovative concepts.

Feedback Options: We are continuously exploring ways to organize feedback on our platform, considering options such as random comments, likes, real-time responses, or even delayed responses.

Welcome to WATAM, an art communication platform that transcends boundaries and fuels your imagination. Dive into an exciting journey and explore the numerous possibilities:

  • • Unleash your musical genius with modRecords, where every beat turns into an NFT masterpiece through modKitten.
    • Connect with the Lotus Brokers community to learn, grow, and contribute to a flourishing artistic marketplace..
    • Seamlessly transition to the world of cryptocurrencies with STREET MONEY, paving the way for a decentralized future.
    • Engage with artificial intelligence using modAI, sparking conversations and crafting creative content like never before.
    • Traverse through Metaverse Exhibitions, immersing yourself in a unique blend of virtual and real-world experiences.
    • Delve into the world of theater arts with DramaSonix, where the music composed for plays can be explored and appreciated in a whole new dimension.
  • • Contribute to the knowledge base of Watam Wiki, adding your insights and discoveries to a growing digital library of theater arts and music.
  • • Discover and tag local art workshops in your area with ArtConnect (members), fostering a dynamic network of artists sharing their work, ideas, and inspiration.
    Connect with like-minded individuals, transcending language barriers and geographical limitations. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what language you speak – together, we form a global community of art makers.” is connected to the WATAM platform as it highlights one of the core features of the platform: facilitating connections between artists and art enthusiasts from around the world, regardless of their language or location. This global community aspect is an important part of WATAM’s mission to promote creativity and collaboration in the art world.

Additionally, with modAI, you can generate exceptional artwork that you can share with the world. Simply head over to the ‘Upload Yours’ section and create a username. Share your creations and let others marvel at your artistic prowess.

At the heart of WATAM’s vision lies the STREET DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that plays a crucial role in empowering artists and creators. By leveraging the capabilities of the STREET DAO, WATAM members can participate in a more equitable and transparent ecosystem, where every voice matters and every contribution is valued.

STREET DAO operates on a principle of community-driven governance, enabling members to propose, vote, and implement changes that resonate with the collective vision of WATAM. This process is facilitated through the Aragon DApp, a platform known for its efficiency in managing decentralized organizations. With Aragon, WATAM members can easily engage in proposals, discussions, and voting, ensuring that every decision is made democratically and reflects the community’s best interests.

The integration of Aragon within STREET DAO allows for seamless and secure voting processes. This not only enhances the involvement of community members in key decisions but also fosters a sense of ownership and belonging among all participants. Through this collaborative approach, WATAM is able to harness the collective creativity and innovation of its members, driving forward the mission to redefine the art world.

By investing in STREET MONEY, members not only contribute to the growth of a robust multi-chain platform but also become integral parts of a movement that champions artistic freedom and collective creativity. Join us at WATAM, where we unite under the banner of art, innovation, and community. Together, we are not just art makers; we are pioneers of a new artistic era.

Discover more and become a part of this revolutionary journey by visiting STREET MONEY. Embrace the spirit of WATAM and let your artistic voice be heard!

Remember, we are the art makers, and we are everywhere. Join WATAM and let your creativity run wild! Invest  STREET MONEY


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WATAM’ meta-verse exhibitions

Watam’s first meta-verse Photography Exhibitions

Füsun Güleşen Miniature Exhibition

Olivier Schuppisser Istanbul Memorial Exhibition

Modart Computational Art Exhibition

Watam Ex.42 Photography Exhibition

modElves NFTs Metaverse Exhibition

modKitten DALL-E-2 Metaverse Exhibition

Artist Places & Locations

Moda Art Collective / ISTANBUL – TURKEY 

ModArtCollective mixed creative designers around Kadıköy and Moda. It is a community with many people who make art.

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You can visit members of the collective from your WATAM Profile Page