Pro-1 Analog Synthesizer

Pro-1 Analog Synthesizer Pro-1 Analog Synthesizer Pro-1 Analog Synthesizer

Pro-1 , which first came out in 1981, quickly established itself as the synthesizer of choice for numerous artists such as Thompson Twins, The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Vince Clarke, New Order, Prince, and Soft Cell.

Pro-1 Analog Synthesizer

• Dual VCO design based on CEM3340
• Sawtooth and Pulse waveforms for VCO A
• Sawtooth, Triangle, and Pulse waveforms for VCO B
• Pulse Width Modulation
• Noise generator
• 24 dB Low-pass filter with resonance
• 2 ADSR envelopes for VCF and VCA
• LFO with Sawtooth, Triangle, and Square waveforms
• 2 modulation buses
• Sequencer with 64-note memory capacity
• Arpeggiator
• Audio input for processing external sources
• Can be used as a complete Eurorack synthesizer voice (Width: 80 HP)
• Poly-Chain function to connect up to 16 units
• 6.3 mm Line output
• 3.5 mm Stereo headphone output
• MIDI In/Thru and USB-MIDI
• Dimensions: 95 x 424 x 136 mm
• Weight: 1.8 kg
• Includes 12V DC power adapter

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