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International Art Communication Platform 🌎

No cookies or tracing humans – login logout, no account go to WATAM Upload PAGE take a picture and share without log.

– The artwork work has the profile page ; that means that in some way the artwork work has extra know-how about themselves than the artist has) watam lets in the artwork work to categorical categorical through connecting spectator and artist.

WATAM facts of doing a very solo and challenging job. App asks for association, sharing ideas, concepts, perspectives,… asks to construct and strengthen collectively the future.

People who create People “culture” is used in this presentation

-> Theatre, artisans, musicians, sculptures in forest, poets in café,

Artist Members Page (here the artwork work, the time and vicinity of the gig, the surrounding of the graffiti, the chances of interplay with work, the utilization of the VR/AR… is the profile page; now not the artist!)

I introduce: what the artist achieves via the app usage: Get’s the music, artworks, theatre performs out of establishments and into the avenue

– into the actual world.

This digital media utilization can encourage in addition actual lifestyles principles be examined earlier than hand on a smaller and extra hybrid support.

Questions: - How need to remarks be organised ?

Randomly / by way of likes / by means of actual time (despite the geolocation) / one day late. Problems: Problems: Problems:


-> workshops or dates with to lend, maybe in digital ways in your surrounding 📍

-> opportunity to make art with anything in anywhere... a video games like conceal and are seeking or warm/cold to discover artwork works or clues. 📍

locations to your sing in… if you want to share 📍

-> NFT idea > Web3 > Metaverse Exhibitions (you need to be a watam member to see all link) > Virtual To Analog > to Virtual World

-> donation for artists: donate with cryptocurrency so that the artist can make extra from the donation.


What is Street Money ? A sustainable community-driven project to grow and creating more products from STREET.

A sustainable community-driven project to grow and creating more products from STREET.

STREET MONEY (#STREET) is a social cryptocurrency that generates profit. Members of the STREET MONEY ecosystem earn interest from network activity,

while benefiting the planet through our charitable partnerships.

STREET's Mission

STREET is a MEME + NFT + DeFi token with the purpose: Develop STREET products, develop sustainable pools and create more jobs for workers.

A portion of each transaction goes to STREET MONEY "STREET", which is used to fund STREET farm development initiatives and new products.

Our Value

- Together we go far ☮ 🚀

- Putting our community members first and making the world a better place.

- Totally Transparent

- Open and honest about our plans and activities

Getting started

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